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Whitby, ONT

About Us

A & T MOTORS was established on June 2, 1964 by TONY PERRONI & ALLAN  FORBES.

On their first day of business they made $55.00.

A & T MOTORS  was located at the corner of Garden St. N; & Dundas  St. E; in the White Rose Gas Station, attached to the Variety Store, owned by Frank Thwiates. They were in this location for approximately 30 days.

Tony & Allan then moved across the street to the Fina Station ( July, 1964) at 701 Dundas St. E.

In 1966 the partnership was dissolved and Tony Perroni became the sole proprietor of A & T MOTORS

In 1969,   A & T MOTORS moved to the  Fina Station at 1101 Brock St. S. and stayed  there for about 3 yrs.

In 1972,  A & T MOTORS moved from 1101 Dundas St. E.,  to 209 Dundas St. E. This was the old “Bell’s Garage”  location, purchased from Don Bell.

A & T MOTORS operated in this location until December 1980 at which time they moved to the present location at 307 Peel St. This property was previously Jackson Supply, then McKerlie Automotive, but at the time of purchase it was operating as a car wash.

Eric Perroni ( Tony’s son) came on board as an apprentice in 1983.

Tony retired in 1996 and Eric  took over the operations at A & T MOTORS.

Eric was born on June 2nd, 1964 the day that Tony & Al started the business.

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